What are the SEO and marketing benefits of content curation?

Content marketing is highly recommended for its SEO benefits and bringing you customers. But what happens when you don’t have enough hours in the day to produce all of the original content that you need to take advantage of its benefits? Then content curation can help you out.

[2016-02-25] Benefits-of-Curation

Source: curata.com.

7 Ways to Gain Lifelong Customers after Making a Sale

Research has shown that increasing customer retention by 5% can improve company’s profitability by up to 95%. That’s why gaining customer trust, and keeping it after a purchase is made, is so important.

And yet, most businesses have massive holes in their customer service. Follow Neil Patel as he shows how to optimizing what happens after the sale.

Best Times to Publish Content for Social Media Engagement

Knowing when your users are active on social networks is useful, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. AddThis analyzed data in both the United States (US) and in the United Kingdom (UK) to search for peak social engagement times – when users were most likely to click and share content – on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

These findings are meant to help website owners get an idea of the best times to publish new content to maximize engagement on social media.

How To Make Quality Videos For YouTube

Anyone can make a video and upload it to YouTube. The key is picking a niche and sticking to that. Whether it be tutorials or quick how-tos, daily or weekly updates, mashups of your blog posts, or a peek into your daily life, you can gain a unique set of subscribers with professional-looking videos.

Zoe Waldron shows how to make a successful YouTube channel and what are the materials you need to collect.

Unless companies pay, their Facebook updates reach 6 percent of followers

One more argument against leaning too heavily on social media to promote your business.  shares the recent news about how Facebook treats businesses and what they may have in mind for the future:

Facebook continues to tighten the screws on the businesses that use the service to market to their customers. Independent research shows that new updates from businesses reach about six percent of the people who follow those businesses. It is rumored that Facebook intends to reduce this number to “between one and two percent” over time. Businesses that want to reach the people who follow them at higher rates will have to pay Facebook to reach them through paid advertisements.

Always remember: your own web site is more important than any other online venue. By using their platform you are helping their business first and foremost, then (if you do it right) benefit yourself.

5 Ways To Kick Start Your Email Marketing This Year

Chris Hexton reminds about important things to review at the beginning of the year in order to set your campaigns on the path to success:

5 Ways To Kick Start Your Email Marketing This Year

What do you do to maximize the impact of subject lines, personalize emails, accurately track conversions, increase subscribe rates, or tailor emails to subscriber actions?

OPA Research Shows Digital Subscription Drives Business Growth for Digital Content Publishers

The Online Publishers Association (OPA) reported that 95 percent of its newspaper and magazine members have a paid subscription strategy, and are leveraging these paid models as part of their overall growth strategies and that “digital subscriptions are positively impacting revenue, attracting younger audiences, garnering valuable consumer data and enhancing ad sales”.

Once a controversial strategy, premium digital content is now becoming a proven success. If you are no longer willing to give out your content for free and have loyal audience that values it enough to pay for access, consider setting up a digital subscription system to further grow your business.

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Why You Should Start Building Your Email List Right Away

The idea of social media being more effective than emails is now as persistent and wide-spread as that of Facebook or some other social network being better than a standalone web site. Both are equally incorrect, but I want to leave the latter for another post and bring to your attention a good article on why a mailing list is irreplaceable and how to build it the right way:

Why You Should Start Building Your Email List Right Away

It’s especially a good read for those of you who haven’t started building a mailing list yet. As simple and straightforward as the process may seem, there are certain practices to observe if you want to avoid problems down the road. Double opt-in is only one example of those.