How to Manage Multiple Pinterest Accounts From One Account

If you use Pinterest for personal needs and also as a business it makes sense to put your business boards into a separate business accounts. That will help you focus on the right customers for your products or services and will also give you access to analytics which are not available for personal accounts.

The downside of this separation is that unlike Facebook or Google+ Pinterest does not provide an easy way to manage multiple accounts. But you can still make it work by using Pinterest “Who can pin?” feature. Create a business account, add it to the shared board, and that board will show on your business account. You can do it with multiple business accounts too if you have multiple businesses or distinctive branches within the same business.

Under the Influence – Consumer Trust In Advertising

A recent Nielsen Trust Study showed that referrals are the most trusted form of advertising. Just look at the first row, “Recommendations from people I know.” The third row, “Consumer opinions posted online,” and the fourth one, “Editorial content such as newspaper articles,” are also forms of referral marketing and show numbers comparable to branded websites and TV ads.

Success on Twitter: A How-To for Small Businesses

Success on Twitter can be measured in a variety of ways, depending on your goals. If your goals are to increase awareness, buzz, and feedback, then you should be paying a lot of attention to your follower and interaction count, as well as what people are saying about you. If your goals are more focused around driving traffic to your website or blog, you should also pay attention to the click-through rates on the links you Tweet. However, in order to start out, your first priority should be polishing your profile, gaining a voice, and building a community.

Álvaro J. Soltero, an inbound marketer and blogger for Leaf, shows how to get started with Twitter, benefit your target market there, and measure your success.

7 Elements of a Well Converting Subscription Page

More and more sites and services are focussing attention on their subscription pages and discovering that a well-designed page is very important to new user sign ups. For subscription pages, the decision making process can’t be avoided. But the good news is that you can design a better subscription page that will almost make the decision for them – while still offering them choices.

Facebook Timeline: 9 Best Practices for Brands

Facebook Timeline officially rolled out to Brand Pages on March 30, but many marketers still don’t know how to take the full advantage of it. A recent study found that fan growth after Timeline has “slowed slightly”– is your company experiencing a bit of a slowdown? If so, Lauren Drell has some good tips for you and backs them up with credible data:

1. Embrace Images

2. Make the Most of Your Cover Photo — It’s Prime Real Estate

3. Pay Attention to Insights

4. Highlight or Pin Your Best Posts

5. Get Your Apps in a Row

6. Make Use of Facebook’s New Ad Suite

7. Run Contests to Boost Engagement

8. Drop in Those Milestones

9. Embrace Your Fans

BONUS: 10 Innovative Uses of Facebook Timeline for Brands

15 Powerful Reconversion Opportunities for Your Welcome Emails

Marketers have a huge opportunity with welcome emails. According to Skyline Technologies, welcome emails have an average open rate of 50-60%. With an open rate that high, are you doing all you can to keep people interested in you and your offer?

We all remember to include useful information like information about future content and privacy policy into welcome or confirmation emails, but you can help your subscribers in so many other ways!

8 Creative Ways to Use Embeddable Tweets

What if your Twitter conversations could expand to include more people from your online community?

Now you can thanks to embedded tweets, a new feature from Twitter.

Embedded tweets allow you to take a tweet or a conversation and post it on your website or in a blog post. You can use this feature to share your Twitter conversation with a larger audience.

But more than that, the embedded tweets have interactive features. Charlene Kingston shows what a visitor to your website or a blog post reader can do from an embedded tweet, walks you through embedding a tweet to the web page, and gives examples of creative use of embedded tweets.

26 Tips for Using Pinterest for Business

Debbie Hemley recently posted a fun A-Z guide for creating a business presence on Pinterest. Besides showing What Pinterest can do for your business, the article also includes numerous links to more information on tips, several infographics, and statistics that shows benefits of using Pinterest. Lots of good, useful information there.