5 Tips to Improve the Health of Your Email Marketing List

Good email list hygiene is a best practice for any targeted, effective email marketing program. Email hygiene means that you scrutinize your email subscription list and remove invalid or non-responsive addresses.

A “clean list” means that you have a better chance of getting your emails delivered. Follow these 5 tips5 tips to improve the health of your email marketing campaigns.

5 Ways To Kick Start Your Email Marketing This Year

Chris Hexton reminds about important things to review at the beginning of the year in order to set your campaigns on the path to success:

5 Ways To Kick Start Your Email Marketing This Year

What do you do to maximize the impact of subject lines, personalize emails, accurately track conversions, increase subscribe rates, or tailor emails to subscriber actions?

Why You Should Start Building Your Email List Right Away

The idea of social media being more effective than emails is now as persistent and wide-spread as that of Facebook or some other social network being better than a standalone web site. Both are equally incorrect, but I want to leave the latter for another post and bring to your attention a good article on why a mailing list is irreplaceable and how to build it the right way:

Why You Should Start Building Your Email List Right Away

It’s especially a good read for those of you who haven’t started building a mailing list yet. As simple and straightforward as the process may seem, there are certain practices to observe if you want to avoid problems down the road. Double opt-in is only one example of those.

Under the Influence – Consumer Trust In Advertising

A recent Nielsen Trust Study showed that referrals are the most trusted form of advertising. Just look at the first row, “Recommendations from people I know.” The third row, “Consumer opinions posted online,” and the fourth one, “Editorial content such as newspaper articles,” are also forms of referral marketing and show numbers comparable to branded websites and TV ads.

15 Powerful Reconversion Opportunities for Your Welcome Emails

Marketers have a huge opportunity with welcome emails. According to Skyline Technologies, welcome emails have an average open rate of 50-60%. With an open rate that high, are you doing all you can to keep people interested in you and your offer?

We all remember to include useful information like information about future content and privacy policy into welcome or confirmation emails, but you can help your subscribers in so many other ways!