7 Things You Need To Know About The Digital Services Act (DSA)

The Digital Services Act will impact every social network, search engine, and online marketplace that does business in the EU. It aims to protect internet users by establishing an “unprecedented new standard” for online platforms that will see companies such as Google, Meta (Facebook), and Twitter held accountable for illegal and harmful content. What’s more, the DSA will force online platforms to share how their algorithms work, put processes in place to remove illegal goods and content quickly, and crack down on users who spread misinformation.

Just what is the Digital Services Act, when does it come into effect, and what does it mean for platforms and the people who use them – including digital marketers? Keep reading to find out:

  1. What Is The Digital Services Act?
  2. When Does The DSA Take Effect?
  3. Which Online Platforms Will Need To Comply?
  4. Okay, But What Does The DSA Actually Do?
  5. What Are Digital Services Companies Required To Do?
  6. So What’s This About Algorithms?

Customer loyalty apps to help nurture relationships with your patrons

When you focus on loyalty and treat your customers well, you have a better chance of keeping them with you through thick and thin. This is especially important at the moment, as the world deals with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Once things get back to normal, you’ll want your customers to think of your business as one that looked after them, even though your company was facing challenging times itself.

Jane Fazackarley, Customer loyalty apps to help nurture relationships with your patrons

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Video Marketing to Drive Sales

Reasons why video marketing is one of the most powerful tactics you can use to grow your store and drive more sales:

  1. People love to consume videos
  2. Video drives more organic traffic
  3. People use videos to learn about your products
  4. Video drives more conversions
  5. Marketers find video very effective

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Decoding the Facebook Algorithm: A Fully Up-to-Date List of the Algorithm Factors and Changes

If you do Facebook marketing, one thing that you want to understand is the Facebook algorithm, especially how your Facebook posts get seen on Facebook. Buffer collected all the relevant Facebook algorithm factors, updates, and changes and placed them in a single, regularly updated article for easy reference.

How to Set Up a Group Blog – Website Guides, Tips and Knowledge

There are plenty of legitimate reasons to consider opening your blog up to more than one author. Maybe you’re part of a group of author-illustrators, and you all want to combine your reach and benefit from each other’s fan bases. Maybe you’re just tired of being responsible for each and every post yourself! Whatever the reason, sharing the blogging load requires setting up a specific group blog – not just giving your password to all of your friends.

For the love of blog – why every online business should maintain a blog

The benefits of keeping a blog are so simple that it’s easy to overlook them in favor of more complex or trendy forms of digital marketing. Chris Woods explains how, when used correctly, a business blog can become a reliable and profitable tool in your content marketing strategy.

Keeping a Fresh Blog: What to Do with Your Old Blog Posts?

In the blogging world, managing and maintaining your old content is the digital equivalent of cleaning out your rain gutters. You know you need to do it, but something else is always more urgent. Unfortunately, the longer you wait, the more risks you accumulate. And like the day you notice costly water damage, failure to maintain your blog can come back to haunt you.

Why Should You Care About Old Blog Posts?

The Anatomy of a Killer Landing Page

Ever designed a landing page from scratch? It can be a scary undertaking. There you are, alone against the blank white page. Where do you start? What should you include? What should you not include? It doesn’t have to be so daunting. There are some common elements almost every landing page has. Pam Neely has rounded them up in this informative but easy to follow article.

5 Tips to Improve the Health of Your Email Marketing List

Good email list hygiene is a best practice for any targeted, effective email marketing program. Email hygiene means that you scrutinize your email subscription list and remove invalid or non-responsive addresses.

A “clean list” means that you have a better chance of getting your emails delivered. Follow these 5 tips5 tips to improve the health of your email marketing campaigns.