7 Things You Need To Know About The Digital Services Act (DSA)

The Digital Services Act will impact every social network, search engine, and online marketplace that does business in the EU. It aims to protect internet users by establishing an “unprecedented new standard” for online platforms that will see companies such as Google, Meta (Facebook), and Twitter held accountable for illegal and harmful content. What’s more, the DSA will force online platforms to share how their algorithms work, put processes in place to remove illegal goods and content quickly, and crack down on users who spread misinformation.

Just what is the Digital Services Act, when does it come into effect, and what does it mean for platforms and the people who use them – including digital marketers? Keep reading to find out:

  1. What Is The Digital Services Act?
  2. When Does The DSA Take Effect?
  3. Which Online Platforms Will Need To Comply?
  4. Okay, But What Does The DSA Actually Do?
  5. What Are Digital Services Companies Required To Do?
  6. So What’s This About Algorithms?

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