What Are the Security Risks Associated with Face-Altering App Voilà AI Artist?

Are there data security risks associated with the face-altering app Voilà AI Artist that turns selfies into Pixar-style animated characters? Yes, but they do not appear to be as severe as the last wave of discussions on the internet claims them to be.

Security risks associated with data collection are inherent in many applications. Though the company that operates Voilà AI Artist Cartoon Photo collects data from individual users, it is not yet known to what extent these pose security risks that are unique from other data-collecting applications.

~ Madison Dapcevich

However, it is still important to follow best practices when it comes to online sharing: don’t share personal information that can lead to identity theft, like answers to questions often used to change passwords for bank accounts; always check privacy settings of your social media accounts, keep all your devices secure; and always take half a second to think whether what you are about to share could cause problems in the long run.

Facebook Didn’t Sell Your Data; It Gave It Away

More accurately, they shared your personal data with Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, Microsoft, and other companies in exchange for even more data about you.

The New York Times has once again gotten its hands on a cache of documents from inside Facebook, this time detailing data-sharing arrangements between the company and other corporations, which had “more intrusive access to users’ personal data than [Facebook] has disclosed” for most of the past decade, the article revealed.