5 tips for easy PCI compliance

It’s a well known fact that PCI compliance is often a baffling puzzle for small merchants. But you need to know what to do in order to avoid non-compliance fees and costs of a security breach that is more likely to happen if you ignore PCI compliance.

Eric Geier takes a lot of confusion out of the picture with his short and clear article:

5 tips for easy PCI compliance

Unlike many other authors that do their best to help merchants navigate through the complicated world of PCI compliance, Eric talks not only about your online store but also about mobile card readers, proper office and brick and mortar store setup.

None of this stuff is very technical, and all of it will help to keep you on a good side of card brands who define PCI security standards.

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The PA-DSS Deadline has Passed…Now What?

So, July 1, 2010 passed. Any company that accepts gift, debit, or credit cards on their web site now must use PA-DSS compliant payment applications (a shopping cart is one such application) or face non-compliance fines, warnings from their merchant account provider, and even a possibility to lose the ability to process card payments if the card data is compromised.

See what’s the cost of becoming compliant is now and what options you have to achieve compliance even if your budget is limited.