Taking meetings to the cloud, the easiest way

Over the past few weeks, there was no shortage of creative ways to keep communication open despite the pandemics. So far, I’ve tried Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, almost everything that came pre-installed with my smartphone, and Zoom. And I wish I would give Zoom a try sooner.

The biggest advantage of Zoom is that it only the host of the meeting needs an account. All other participants just click the link for the meeting, download the free Zoom app on prompt from their browser, and they are in.

In case you would like to host your own meetings, Zoom allows up to 100 participants and up to 40 minutes meetings for free. That includes meeting recording, chat, and screen sharing.

For video meetings, Zoom offers several images or your own photo as a backdrop if your place is less presentable than you would like it to be.

So this is how we are going to hold meetings for now, via Zoom. It’s easy to use, but if you would like a little help, here are short and clear instructions for you.

Get in touch with me, lets set the day and time, and I will send you the link for a Zoom meeting!