WordPress Made Simple – the bare essentials

WordPress Made Simple is a very clear and perhaps the least intimidating guide for absolute WordPress beginners I ever came across. Even though the site offers more advanced tips and tricks, the Guide itself is just that – bare minimum of what a non-designer or non-developer must know to maintain their new WordPRess web site. The guide covers the following topics:

See? It does not get any simpler than that. Happy learning!


ShowMeWP is a WordPress training web site that could be of a great help to our clients new to WordPress but willing to learn how to manage their web sites themselves. The basic video library was created with the beginner in mind; videos are created in “bite-sized” chunks to make it easy to learn on even a very busy schedule. For more advanced users, there are more complex tutorials for a very reasonable year-long membership fee and in-depth plugin reviews are coming soon too.

Defying Brute Force Attacks on WordPress Logins

There is a technique known as brute-force attack. Like the name implies, access is gained to your environment through brute force. Often conducted by bots, these attacks will run through a compiled list of common passwords and their variations. Using this method the attackers are gaining access to your admin to send spam from your web site, deface your pages, or inject malicious code into your WordPress installation.

Your first line of defence against these attacks is changing the admin username to something other than the default “admin” and creating a strong password that is hard to guess even for a bot.

Lorelle VanFossen explains how to create a strong password that is not terribly long and is easy to remember. Her technique is a little unconventional, but stick with her through the article and you will end up with multiple passwords based on the same word