Web Site Maintenance

After your web site goes live, ongoing maintenance is required to keep it alive and well. Besides updating information about your business, adding new content or changing existing one, it is also necessary to regularly upgrade the scripts that power your web site and sometimes to recover the site from a malicious attack of a hacker.

The specifics of your business and the structure and complexity of your web site define how frequent or extensive maintenance work should be and how much of it you can do yourself. While you most certainly can update text and images on your own, upgrading scripts or adding new functionality is better left to a professional web developer. And if you don’t have time for updating content, we will be happy to take on it for you as well.

Our services are flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of maintenance requests

  • update existing content (text, images, contact information, etc.)
  • add new content that you provide in any digital format
  • delete outdated or undesired content
  • optimize performance of your we site
  • adjust web site functionality and repair small errors
  • simple custom programming to improve your current scripts
  • script updates to keep them up to date and secure
  • make regular backups of your important data; send backups to you or store them at a safe location
  • monitor your web site and alert you when it goes down

If your current web site is difficult to update, we can provide you with a number of inexpensive solutions that will allow you to easily change text and images on your web pages or, for more complicated web sites, install and configure a content management system (CMS) that can handle editing and publishing for one person or for your entire team.

Let us know about your maintenance needs, and we will provide timely and accurate updates either with a monthly plan or as an on-demand service.